Wide 112

The original World Shed model. With clean lines and an impressive 112 square feet of space, what isn't to love about this flexible unit.


The Wide-112 base unit is priced at an affordable $11,900 including transportation to the site* and installation.**

*transportation included within 40 miles of Seattle.

**installation requires a prexisiting footing or foundation. These can be as simple as 4 leveled concrete pier blocks. 



Completely finished and insulated units with premium features such as; double pane aluminum windows, metal siding and roofing, modern wall finishes and waterproof LVP flooring.


World Shed Advantages

We are dedicated to providing low cost, high quality, movable spaces using innovative materials. These modern structures are not conventional, think steel and aluminum, not 2x4s and plywood. These spaces can serve a variety of purposes, from a personal gym to a private home office at a fraction of the cost and build out time.


Transform your space

Now more then ever we all want to make our spaces more functional. If in recent times you've found you need a private craft space, school room or anything else you can imagine, we offer an affordable way to add square footage to your backyard.


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